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Lemberg Tutoring & Job Search Services

Lemberg Tutoring & Job Search Services delivers affordable, knowledgeable and focused tutoring services over a wide-range of areas in Silver Spring, MD including Washington DC and Baltimore. With years of college experience in a large variety of business disciplines, Ken Lemberg is committed to excellence and strives to have his clients obtain their ambitions and excel in their target fields.

Our well-informed tutor tailors an educational program to help meet your needs, utilizing any course materials or resources you already have.

Our Tutoring Services Include:

  • Writing and Math Skills:
    • Assistance in writing essays and papers
    • Proofreading
    • Algebra
    • Statistics
    • And other math applications
  • Reading and Critical Thinking Skills for Grades Kindergarten through 6th:
    • Specializes in teaching decoding and high level thinking skills to achieve full comprehension
    • Integrates Project-Based Learning as a strategy to make connections to the real world
    • Assistance in homework as needed
  • Test Preparation:
    • Writing
    • Math
    • Business applications
  • College and Technical School Courses:
    • Economics
    • Marketing
    • Finance
    • Accounting
    • Algebra
    • Statistics
    • Computer business applications (Microsoft Office, word processing,
      spreadsheets, databases, PowerPoint presentations)
    • Writing

Ken offers customized tutoring in assisting you in the completion of your college or certificate program.

Contact Lemberg Tutoring & Job Search Services today at 301-585-7064 for more on our tutoring services, or browse the website for more information about about me or job searching services.

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